Frequent Ask Questions

What is findadmission?
findadmission is an online platform that connects students to overseas universities and universities to students. We make the admissions process easier, faster, and more transparent. We also have admissions counsellors, who help guide you through every step. We do exactly what it our name depicts what we do - Find admission
Why should I use findadmission?
Using advanced methodologies & technologies, we will connect you to the university that is a good fit for you. But in addition to the technology, findadmission counsellors will help you identify the university and guide you through application process. You will subsequently interact with the university directly—instead of doing so through middlemen—to get your questions answered. On findadmission, universities can view your completed profile, request more information, request a web conference, or give you a conditional offer of acceptance. It’s that simple and what makes it even better is that —our services are completely free to students.
How do you find the university that will best suit me?
Universities use a lot of different parameters when admitting students including academic performance and results, current university, relevant work experience, academic and non-academic achievements, and Statement of Purpose. We combine these requirements with your preferences on fee range, location and reputation, to match you with the right universities. This is why completing your profile fully is very important as it contains all of the information universities need to know about you.
How much does findadmission charge for its service?
It’s free. Students pay nothing.
Are you a charity? Why are you doing this for free?
We are not. Universities spend a lot of time and money to reach and connect with students. We charge universities for connecting you to them.
What mistakes should I avoid?
  • Submitting an application without all the necessary supporting documents
  • Not having a valid passport
  • Personal statement errors
  • Emailing the wrong person
What can I do on findadmission?
findadmission has a host of tools and features to help you navigate the admissions process. Collect all the information you need for your university applications, upload and organize your documents. Interact with universities via web conferences and webinars. Receive support along the way from our helpful counsellors. And finally, find the right university for you!
I haven't finished my studies yet. Can I register for findadmission?
Yes. Actually, we at findadmission encourage you to start planning even before your graduation from your current institution. By shortlisting colleges beforehand, you can save money and simply report your results after the completion of your examinations and or assessments.
Do you guarantee admissions?
No. While we cannot guarantee admissions, we are confident that we will match you to the right university! With the variety of reputable institutions on board findadmission; we are certain there is a university for everyone's needs and goals.
What support do I get after admission?
Getting admitted to a university is great news!

However, we realize there’s more to do. We will guide you on your visa processing and any additional issues. We are committed to making the entire process as easy as finding your university on findadmission!
How do I get started?
Use the sign-up button to create and verify your account. Then, our counsellors will get in touch with you.
Why do I need to verify my phone number and email address?
Universities and counsellors may want to reach out to you to ask and answer questions. We are serious about your admissions and want to work with students who are equally serious about it.
Who do I contact if I have questions?
Send us an email at or give us a call at 02033717903

Send us an email at or give us a call at 02033717903