Want to know more about how the programme works?


Findadmission affiliate programme works the same was as any other affiliate programme. We provide you with the information about the platform and you make use of your contacts or your audience to promote our service in return for commission.Findadmission

  • Sign up to be a Findadmission.com affiliate.
  • Share your unique affiliate link with everyone you think would be interested studying abroad
  • If they register on Findadmission.com in searching for their study abroad via your link, you’ll receive a certain fee or commission depending on the type of affiliate program you chose.

How to join the affiliate programme:

  • Click here to sign-up as an affiliate partner.
  • Our administrative team will review your application and will approve.
  • Generate a unique URL that you can share with your contacts or through other channels.

As an affiliate you will

  • earn a fee on for every student that use Findadmission.com in searching for their education abroad
  • be able to log in to your personal dashboard to track your referrals,
  • introduce people to the most easier way to find their study destination and courses
  • be able to share your link via WhatsApp, Facebook and all other social media platforms
  • receive banners to display on your site