Commission Structure


Our affiliate is paid based on the stages that the student they refer to use gets to in their admission processing. Depending on the type of affiliate program you opt in for, you will receive payment on every stages. Payment would be made in the account you provided when registering for our affiliate program. Below is an example of how this breaks down in the image to the left.

Stages Promotional affiliate Recruitment affiliate
Referral signup* No No
Referral completed profile 1 $0.50 USD dollar Per student $0.50 USD dollar Per student
Referral profile is approved* $1 USD per student $1.50 USD per student
Referral submitted application* No $2.50 USD per student
Referral enrolled on program* No $200 USD Per student
Total $2 USD Per student $205 USD Per student
  • Referral signup is when a student signed up on and verify their email address
  • Complete profile is when a referred student has complete their profile and have uploaded all the necessary document on
  • Profile approved is when student profile is reviewed by administrative and is approved to be seen by participating institutions on
  • Submitted application is when institution send an invitation to applied to referred student and the student submitted a complete application for consideration
  • Enrolled on program means the student have accepted the institution admission offer, gotten a visa and have arrive on the institution campus.